Know about The United Kingdom’s Traditional Food

B20112014164450The people in the United Kingdom eat dinner, lunch and breakfast at home. Their meals are less proper than before. People living in the UK try to have at least one meal together with their family members in a day. But presently, due to the busy lifestyle and hectic schedule they hardly find time to eat together. Snacking is popular. It is mostly consumed by watching television.

The traditional meals of the UK people are roast dinners and fish and chips. The chips and fish are labelled as a carry off the meal. It will be taken away by wrapping in a newspaper. The EU hygiene regulations have banned the practice of carrying foods wrapped in newspaper. Chips and fish are a nutritive and balanced meal.

The chips are rich in carbohydrates; fish is rich in protein and the vegetable oils and batter surrounding the fish remains as a good store of fat. The dietary fiber is absent because it is sprinkled with vinegar, salt, and brown or red sauce. It also lacks in vitamins. It is recommended not to eat fish and chips on a daily basis.

When you go for Sunday dinner in one of the cities in the United Kingdom, you will be served roast beef as part of the meals. It will be served in a traditional way. The roast meat that can be lamb, pork or beef is usually served with roasted or boiled potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, Brussels sprouts, peas and gravy.

The gravy will be made using the juices and fat of the cooked and roasted meat. It will be mixed well with vegetable stock and flour and some gravy browning. It is mixed with a liquid, made to boil, garnished and poured over the meal.

The Yorkshire puddings are made using fat and flour and look somewhat equal to hollow crispy buns. One of the most eaten and favourite meals in the United Kingdom is the roasted meat.

The young people are more attracted towards the sugary drinks and fast food burgers. It is totally spoiling their health. Recently, a campaign took place to enhance the quality of school foods. James Oliver is a celebrity chef in the UK, and he administered the campaign. He prohibited the use of Turkey Twizzlers, chips and dreaded frizzy drinks.

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