Our Must Have Top 10 Items for Your Kitchen

Our Must Have Top 10 Items for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a workshop that caters to the most pressing human need, food. People are what they eat and what they eat is determined by what is in the kitchen. So the question is, do you have the right items in your kitchen to ensure that you eat healthily? You can use the list below to find out.

1. Wooden cutting board

It is about time that you got rid of that plastic cutting board. Most people assume that wooden boards retain bacteria but actually research shows that bacteria cannot survive inside the wood, they die off. Plastic allows bacteria to brood on its surface and what is more, plastic is not suitable for your knife.

2. A skillet

A non-stick frying pan should also be found in your kitchen. These are essential breakfast tools and are quite ideal for your pancakes and eggs. You should also get a stainless steel pan for your meat, vegetable and sauces.

3. A Food Processor

It is so easy to assume that a food processor isn’t one of the things you need, but again it hits you and you need it as soon as yesterday. Not only does it make cooking easy ( chopping vegetables and nut grinding) but you can turn your kitchen into an adventure land where you try out new things.

4. Spice grinder

Cook your food and ensure that you handle every aspect of its preparation. Spices improve the flavour of food. The best spices are the ones you grind by yourself. The flavour will be truly rich.

5. Baking sheet

Go for one that is non-stick and non-dark. The pan is versatile as it can be used to cook meat, bake cookies or even roast some greens. All you need to do is line it with a foil paper so that you can easily clean it afterwards.

6. Measuring spoons and cups

Food is all about portions. People should portion their food as well as their ingredients. This is why one of our top ten must-have kitchen items is measuring spoons and cups. If you want a good measuring spoon, then it is advisable to get one with a long handle that is also detachable. Why long handles? It is because it will help you reach into long jars. When it comes to measuring cups, go for large 2-cup measuring cups. These are good especially for liquids while a flat-bottomed one is good for dry foodstuff.

7. Wooden spoon

For stirring immediately, you need something that is not a good conductor of heat. The best option is a wooden spoon. Wooden spoons are great for tasting and even serving food. The other magic with wooden spoons is that placing them over the cooking pan inhibits the boiling water from flowing over.

8. Spatulas

Spatulas are not only limited to the chemistry lab. They are great, so great that they cannot miss in the list of top ten must-have kitchen items. They are the perfect flippers. You can flip your pancakes, hamburgers, eggs or any other thing that needs flipping. Patties are great too, so you can use them for zucchini or salmon patties too.

9. Instant read thermometer

For someone who loves their meat, heat is everything. You want your meat to cook just right and what better partner to make your meat come true than an instant read thermometer? This is the best way to ensure your roast chicken, roast steak or pork cooks just right and all the juices remain intact to be savoured by the ones who eat it.

10. A water softener

Everyone needs scale free water in the kitchen. You do not want lime scale in your kitchen sink. This will require extra cleaning time using harsh chemicals and that would not be nice. You also get clean utensils or have you never spotted whitish marks on your cups and plates. That is scale for you. Cleaning it is a long process and chemicals that are harsh are bad for your health. So get a water softener to avoid going through all that trouble in the first place. Don’t know where to start looking? Start at Unified Water or for UK readers check out a Monarch Water Softener.

Little things do count. If you check the list above you might discover that you have been taking some items for granted yet, they are quite famous in kitchen circles. So go ahead and improve this wonderful room by getting the top 10 must have items for every kitchen today.

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