261710005_mustdo_se_Abergavennyfood_16x9Abergavenny Food Festival is said to be the biggest and favourite food festival that happens in the Whales. This particular food festival is held every year and was started in the year 1999. The motto of this food festival is to celebrate food diversity, culture, craft and taste from the various parts of the country. This is an award winning celebration that displays around 200 food items in the recent times. This will include both food and drinks. This line-up of outstanding food items in a unique manner that is done by popular chefs is loved by the 30,000 people visiting the fair every year. This is not a child’s play, and the success rate of this particular festival is increasing year by year in a considerable manner.

This festival also has the specialty of moving towards zero waste events where all the materials used for serving and other purposes can be recycled and reused. Even the food that cannot be eaten by the visitors will be packed and sent to their home so that no food is wasted. The ticket rate for the local people will have a considerable amount of discount. Apart from this, keeping individual stalls and providing volunteer opportunities is supported here. It believes in the concept of giving back to the society. This festival also has a main role to play when it comes to the boosting of tourism and business in the place at the particular time.

Since the organizers are ready to work with the local trading people, the festival is profitable for the local people too. Even some traders have stated that this food festival acted as a very good launch pad for their business. Even the promotional works for the business are done in a better manner in this place. This particular work is taken care of under the tag of non-profit basis. So the funds raised in this event will be reinvested for the future development of Abergavenny.

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