CWNM-ngWsAAF7CbAldeburgh Food Festival happens in the beautiful venue of Snape Maltings, which is next to the Alde River. This area is nothing but the reed covered marshlands. In this festival, around 90 types of food items will be sold. The visitors of this food festival will usually be very happy with the taste and innovation in the food items that are presented in the festival every year. People from the nearby places will also gather in the place in order to sell their products that will include organic vegetables, raw milk, beers, sourdough bread, and so on. Even fantastic street foods will be available in the place making it favourite for many visitors. Apart from the delicious food line-up, it will be an amazing experience to watch two cookery demonstrations that will be staged by the local chef and the visiting chef.

In fact, some of the popular chefs who have demonstrated their skills in this food festival include Valentine Warner, Natalie Coleman, Jane Baxter, Sabrina Ghayour, Henry Harris, Thomasina Miers. This is a place that is mostly visited by the families as the children aging below 12 years will get free tickets. Apart from this, the hands-on cooking training and the children’s activities will also be available at this food festival. Some of the new features that were added to this food festival in the year 2014 are listed below.

First is the pop-up bakery that is said to be the huge success of the year. The master classes held by the famous visiting chefs were very useful as well as attractive. The highlight of the show is ten new start-up businesses were introduced in this work. There are many people waiting very eagerly for the grand opening of the food festival particularly the foodies in order to taste the various stuff that rare going to be displayed in the show. The opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the festival will be very grand. It is said that this particular festival is in the market for around ten years as it was started in the year 2016.

The main aim of this particular food festival is to establish a good connection between the food, people, farming and the landscape where all the ingredients are produced. It also celebrates the amazing variety, quality and abundant quantity of drink and food that is available in the particular area. This also supports the local economy considerably as this will be very handy in order to reduce the food miles. In short, the local product shopping will be increased by leaps and bounds. It has a simple motto Grow it! Cook it! Eat it! And, this will enable people to try out self-cooking. In fact, this particular area will be publicized as a very good food destination.

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