5 Most Popular Desserts in the World

Some diners don’t really care for the salads or main courses but want to dive right into desserts. For most people, it’s the most important and most memorable part of the meal that can make you forgive a chef for an under-seasoned main dish. There are thousand of dessert recipes all over the world, and it’s challenging to pick just five of them.

Here are the best of the best that made it to our list:

1. Crème brûlée.

This is one of the most popular desserts in France, and all over the world. Who can resist this rich, creamy custard with a layer of hard and crunchy caramel on top? Sugar is torched on top of the custard to make it slightly brown and really hard. It is so decadent, tasty and sweet. It also goes well with just about any drink you can think of. However, if you have this dessert in your hands, you will forget anything else.

2. Apple pie.

This is perhaps the best dessert America has to offer. It is made from apple pieces wrapped in a crust and usually served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Some people even use cheddar cheese. You don’t need a lot of slices to feel satisfied. Just a slice of pie will make you really happy. The best part is the balance between sweet and sour. Green apples are usually used to create a wonderful contrast.

3. Gelato.

If you visit Italy, you will find lines of restaurants selling this dessert. It is the Italian version of the regular ice cream. It comes in a wide variety of flavors. This includes raspberry, rum, mint, chocolate and pistachio. It is usually thicker than your regular ice cream. It is as if you taste the real thing and not just the flavor. It is also believed to be healthier than ordinary ice cream. There is no wonder why gelato is popular not just in Italy, but around the world.

4. Mochi.

This Japanese dessert has already gone international. You don’t have to go to Japan just to taste this wonderful dessert. It is made from glutinous rice that was transformed into paste and molded into circular shape. It also has different fillings, including mung beans, red beans, custard and strawberry. When eaten, it is topped with a small scoop of ice cream. Modern versions have actual ice cream inside the mochi. In short, it is truly irresistible.

5. Meringue.

It is quite unclear where this dessert really originated. It is usually associated with French, Swiss and Italian dishes. It is pretty simple to make. It is made from egg whites and sugar. Some people add lemon or cream of tartar for contrast. It may not have the grandeur of other dessert, but it is something you will surely get addicted to. You may also buy the best meringue powder if you want to create one at home.

These are just some of the best desserts you can ever taste. You might already be salivating by now, especially if you have a sweet tooth. These desserts are worth the try. They have gained international popularity because of their universal appeal. The best part is that wherever you may be, finding these desserts won’t be a problem. You can even make one at home. You just have to look up the ingredients online and start baking. You will realise that even if some of them look easy to prepare, they are actually complicated. It will make you appreciate desserts even more.

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Know about The United Kingdom’s Traditional Food

B20112014164450The people in the United Kingdom eat dinner, lunch and breakfast at home. Their meals are less proper than before. People living in the UK try to have at least one meal together with their family members in a day. But presently, due to the busy lifestyle and hectic schedule they hardly find time to eat together. Snacking is popular. It is mostly consumed by watching television.

The traditional meals of the UK people are roast dinners and fish and chips. The chips and fish are labelled as a carry off the meal. It will be taken away by wrapping in a newspaper. The EU hygiene regulations have banned the practice of carrying foods wrapped in newspaper. Chips and fish are a nutritive and balanced meal.

The chips are rich in carbohydrates; fish is rich in protein and the vegetable oils and batter surrounding the fish remains as a good store of fat. The dietary fiber is absent because it is sprinkled with vinegar, salt, and brown or red sauce. It also lacks in vitamins. It is recommended not to eat fish and chips on a daily basis.

When you go for Sunday dinner in one of the cities in the United Kingdom, you will be served roast beef as part of the meals. It will be served in a traditional way. The roast meat that can be lamb, pork or beef is usually served with roasted or boiled potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, Brussels sprouts, peas and gravy.

The gravy will be made using the juices and fat of the cooked and roasted meat. It will be mixed well with vegetable stock and flour and some gravy browning. It is mixed with a liquid, made to boil, garnished and poured over the meal.

The Yorkshire puddings are made using fat and flour and look somewhat equal to hollow crispy buns. One of the most eaten and favourite meals in the United Kingdom is the roasted meat.

The young people are more attracted towards the sugary drinks and fast food burgers. It is totally spoiling their health. Recently, a campaign took place to enhance the quality of school foods. James Oliver is a celebrity chef in the UK, and he administered the campaign. He prohibited the use of Turkey Twizzlers, chips and dreaded frizzy drinks.

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Tips to Cook UK’s Traditional Food

CVqczOdU4AADWaFMost people think that it is impossible to cook the United Kingdom’s traditional food just from their home. Some of the best foods of UK can be acquired only at the top restaurants or some parts of the world.

The fact is you can easily prepare the traditional foods of UK just from your home. You do not have to search restaurant by restaurant to relish your favourite dish. The food lovers can use the internet to prepare their favourite UK dish. A professional chef or a normal person can prepare several incredible British recipes at home using the internet.

You may be UK national and living in another part of the world. You may desire to eat your traditional dishes but could not find at a restaurant. Well, the real traditional recipes are easily found on the internet. The only thing is you will be eating in your home that may be far from your country or within your country. There are several websites that have traditional recipes of UK dishes. You can simply follow the instructions and prepare the food at home.

Start to search for the popular website or video sites for clear description. You will come numerous authentic meals revealed by the Great Britain chefs. If you wish, you can recreate and prepare as per your taste buds. The cookbooks contain generic recipes, and it serves equally to the internet.

It is not simple to select the right recipe. For example, when you search for a recipe on the internet, you will get a lot of answers and suggestions. Sometimes, you may even come across a different authentic recipe that makes you tempted to cook and eat. You would feel confused which to eat and which one to drop. It is best to trial one by one and find out which recipe turn out as you expect.

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Classic Foods Loved by the UK People

fusilli-cacio-bufala-e-pomodoro-5011-600x300If you are thinking of British food, there are few foods you should never miss tasting. The Shepard’s pie, mash and bangers and chips and fish are those that comes to mind when you think of British food. Here listing some classic foods that will make your home a traditional British home.

Scotch eggs: The combination of eggs and sausages is not new, but it works well in an excellent manner most times. It is simple to prepare the scotch eggs. The egg will be covered in the sausage. It should be covered and deep fried.

Fish and Chips: It became famous in England due to the growth of trawl fishing. It is the only food that was not limited in England even during the Second World War. It is simple to prepare. It is prepared by coating haddock or cod in batter. It is then fried deeply till it gets crispy. The inside part of the fish will become soft. It goes well with mushy peas and chunky fried chips. It is loved by all UK citizens. It has been in the UK traditions for years. It is best to eat the dish in the rain, seaside or shine.

Puddings: It is a traditional dessert and part of grand meals in every UK houses. It is not taken by people who are following a strict diet. The apple crumble pudding is prepared using crumbly flour, butter mixture, and sugar. It is served with custard prepared using vanilla, milk and egg. The bread and butter puddings are other favourite dishes loved by the UK residents. The sliced bread will be mixed with dried fruits to get a rich and creamy taste.

Chelsea buns: The name is derived from the London neighbourhoods. The sugar icy glazed buns make the dish sweet and delicious. It will take equal to cinnamon buns. The Chelsea buns can be eaten at any time of the day. It can be taken as mid-morning or tea time snack.